Audrey Blackman porcelain 12,5 kg.


Audrey Blackman Porcelain was developed for modelling and throwing using the finest materials available.
Due to it’s high plasticity this body is not suitable for casting and is only available as a pugged clay.

Audrey Blackman Porcelain has a high degree of whiteness and a fantastic translucence that is one of the reasons for it being in our top three best selling clays across our clay body range.

We are aware that some of our customers may notice that there has been a recent change to the raw clay colour of both Audrey Blackman and ES600 paper clay. This change will not effect performance and the clay will be the same as previously noted.
For more information see here.

Optimum Firing Ranges for Porcelain
Following re-evaluation of our porcelain clays using the recently acquired temperature gradient kiln,
we have determined that the optimum firing range for Audrey Blackman Porcelain is 1220 – 1240C (cone 6 – 7).

About Audrey Blackman
Audrey Blackman was a British Sculptor and Ceramicist.
Audrey was renowned worldwide for creating ceramic figures and published a book in 1978, Rolled Pottery Figures on her techniques.

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Audrey Blackman porselein fantastische porselein klei om mee te draaien en boetseren, zeer plastische klei . Tussen de 1220-1280 °C bakt de klei wit transparant.

De Engels kleiporselein klei bij uitstek.

Extra informatie

Gewicht12.5 kg
Afmetingen40 × 12 × 12 cm


Type klei