Duncan Mayco SC-76 59 ml. Marine blauw ,Cara-Bein Blue


  1. Apply to shelf cone 04 bisque.
  2. Fire to shelf cone 06.
  3. For clear glaze application, brush-on or dip clear glaze over Concepts.
  4. Stilt and fire to shelf cone 06.
  5. Water cleanup.
  6. Dit product is overeenkomstig de CLP verordening als niet gevaarlijk ingedeeld.
  7. Cone 06 oxidation (larger image): Cara-Bein Blue is a heavily pigmented, viscous Stroke & Coat®glaze that can be used for brush strokes or opaque coverage. One coat will create a translucent finish with subsequent coats adding opacity. We suggest two to three coats for full opacity and all over coverage. Will fire to a gloss finish without clear glaze.

    Cone 6 oxidation (smaller image): Semi-Transparent. No color change.

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Duncan concepts, marine blauw, onderglazuur , mits dik aangebracht een glanzend uiterlijk. Onderling mengbaar 1000-1230°C 59 ml.is vervangen door Mayco SC-76  Cara-Bein Blue

Product Features
Kiln RequiredYes
Cone Firing Range06 to 6
Finishtranslusent, opaque
Coverage1 – 3 coats
Food SafeYes, when a nontoxic, food-safe clear glaze is applied
Available Sizes2 oz., 59 ml.

Extra informatie

Gewicht0.059 kg
Afmetingen10 × 5 × 10 cm